Transformers TD Tips: Autobot Stronghold: One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

LG's little Transformers minigame has managed to grab our attention. After all, when you have a nice little tower defense game based on the Transformers franchise (yes, even if this is the Bayformers version), it is hard to smile when you see Bumblebee creaming the hell out of unsuspecting Decepticons.

Sadly, as fun as this game is to play, it is also quite challenging. There are no saves and you have to play the game from start to end -surviving all 50 waves, and that is no easy feat. A wide variety of Decepticons stand in your way and sparks (the currency used for the game) are scarce. Players will need to plan well and optimize their defenses in order to survive this game.

Transformers TD Tips

How the Game Plays

You mount your Autobots on top of buildings as they shoot at the Decepticons on the street. If enough Decepticons get past the Autobots, the home base will be damage. If the home base is damaged enough times, the game ends -which is a real bummer if you are already at wave 49. Each Autobot in the field can be upgraded. They are upgraded individually and each stat upgrade will cost you more sparks.

To earn sparks in this transformers game, you must destroy the Decepticons (each type killed yields a certain amount of sparks). Now, for those of you hardcore Transformers fans, this term may seem weird -after all, the proper resource that should be collected is energon (which usually come in the form of giant glowing pink cubes), but yeah, here it is called sparks (in the proper Transformers mythos, the spark is a soul of a Transformer).

Meet The Autobots

The Autobots are your defense towers, and like any tower from a tower defense game, each type has its own specialty and purpose. Also, they can be upgraded to further improve their performance.

Bumblebee is a giant yellow car (used to be a Volkswagen Beetle, but is now a Camaro -go figure) that fires short range, rapid bursts of fire. This is a little weak and will require a bit of upgrading as you progress through the game. When maxed out, Bumblebee makes for a good unit for dealing concentrated fire.

Jazz is a big silver robot (he used to be a Porsche, now he is a Pontiac) that fires giant globs of green goo that slows down enemies. In terms he does not do much (if any), but when you use him in tandem with other Autobots, the effects can be devastating.

Ironhide is a big bulky dark blue robot (originally a red Vanette, but here, he is a blue GMC truck). He fires powerful homing missiles that will damage every unit in the grid that it explodes in. He is very effective against Starscream (who flies) and is a great overall unit in terms of offensive capabilities.

Ratchet is a big yellow guy (originally a white ambulance, here he is a yellow rescue Hummer) that fires powerful exploding rockets. These projectiles take a while to fire and do not home in on targets, but they cause devastating damage over a nice small range around the target area. Combine Jazz with Ironhide and Ratchet and you get a recipe for dealing serious amounts of damage fast.

Optimus Prime is, well, that big awesome blue and red robot (he is the front end of a huge semi, always and always will be, though his new paint job has some weird Hotrod inspired flame decals -which should belong to Hotrod). Anyway, this might Autobot leader fires a giant red laser beam of damage at enemies. He is accurate and the damage is continuous as long as the enemy is within range. When fully upgraded, a couple of Primes can wipe out an entire wave of weak enemies. The only drawback to Prime is that he is very expensive, which means you will need to save up your sparks if you want several.

Know Your Enemies

The Decepticons will be charging in at you from three main locations, two from the lower right and one from the upper right. They normally will not use the upper right entrance until much later in the game so be sure to have defenses in that area. In order to get an idea of how your enemies behave, here is a quick reference list.

Transformers TD

Insecticon appears in the form of a strange tick-like insect that crawls fast. A couple of Bumblebees will easily take it out.

Shockwave is a gray walking enemy that moves at a moderate pace. His HP is slightly higher than Insecticon's but since he moves slower, he is also easy to bring down.

Starscream is the only one that flies -he takes the form of a fighter plane. You will want a combination of Ironhides and Bumblebees to take out the first Starscream waves. Later on, an Optimus Prime (or two) along the center of the map will also help.

Ravage looks like giant scorpion that moves fast. Use a combination of Jazz, Ironhides and some well placed Ratchets to help thin them down. An upgraded Bumblebee also works wonders against him.

Galvatron , like Shockwave, walks at a slow pace. He is easily identified by the large binder-like things on his back.

Lastly, Brunt, is a large tank like round thing that moves at a very slow pace. This unit is heavily armored that it will take some heavy firepower to bring him down. You will definitely need upgraded units if you want to bring down Brunts before they get deep into the stage.