Strike Force Heroes 3 - A series so good they hypothesised about its potential features and improvements

Looking Forward

The Strike Force Heroes series from Sky9 Games is an example of exactly how a flash-based arena shooter should be done, so much so that I started to desire a sequel almost immediately after starting to play Strike Force Heroes 2. Having played said title for a good number of weeks, I began to imagine the criteria that Strike Heroes 3 would need to fulfil in order to be a successful and even a superior sequel (in my head at least). The follow is merely a collection of insignificant ideas, or mini musings if you will, that pertain to features that I think would gel well in the sequel.

Strike Force Heroes 3

Wall Hacks

Of course we're going to want new abilities and killstreaks in Strike Force Heroes 3, but the ‘wall hack' ability that the sniper has in Strike Force Heroes 2 made me want this ability to spill over into regular, non-ability gameplay. By this, I mean having weapons that are simply powerful enough to penetrate certain walls and surfaces. These would be high-level weapons of course and ones that have to be earned so that beginners can't just go winning levels or use the Strike Force Heroes 2 cheats without ever having to face enemy gunfire, but I believe it's a good idea nonetheless.

A Class Act

It's no secret that Strike Force Heroes contains gameplay that focuses mainly around the heroes and their different abilities, weapons, and kill-streaks. Some levels in Strike Force Heroes 2 are even preferential to certain heroes and their particular brand of abilities/attacks. Something this intrinsic to the gameplay will most definitely require some measured thought and consideration by the developers, since new classes/heroes will need to be a central feature of Strike Force Heroes 3. Perhaps we could bring back the medic, or introduce new heroes that specialise in different types of warfare. However difficult an idea it may be to implement, perhaps a soldier that uses biological warfare could be introduced, or perhaps one that has huge defensive capabilities and specialises in hand to hand or melee combat.


Strike Force Heroes 3

Globex? Clones? Going after the same organisation in a slightly different manner than before repeatedly? This can only work for one, maybe two titles max before it stars to get old, and don't you just know it there have been two Strike Force Heroes games already, so perhaps it's time for the developers to get deviating from this broken record of a storyline. Hell, I wouldn't mind if it turned out that all events of the previous games turned out to be an imaginary reality created by a Matrix-like construct in the brain of one of our soldiers who is sitting in warm embryonic fluid substitute, just as long as we get some fresh new storyline vibes up in this next sequel. What the game needs compared to Strike Force Heroes 2 is a new antagonist, which may be difficult considering that Globex is supposed this omnipresent baddie that has people in every level of society waiting to ruin your day. Perhaps a prequel or flashback to fill out some background could be the vehicle for the next game.

First Between Third

I enjoy the arena style of Strike Force Heroes, and I also enjoy the third-person perspective much more than I ever thought I could: the game is just that good. Is it that difficult to implement snippets of first-person perspective, though? Say this was a feature limited to the sniper class or a select few weapons with scopes, could a few bursts of first-person be so impossible to implement? I'm engaging in these rhetoricals because I simply don't know since I haven't yet seen a game that does this. I just know that it would be unbelievably fun to suddenly whip into the first-person perspective with a sniper-scope overlay on the screen and watch as I pulled the trigger and ended the life of the enemy on the receiving end.