Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa has done it again -- he's hired another unwitting employee to run one of his businesses. This time, it's the hot dog stand located inside the Griller Stadium. The worker will be serving hungry baseball fans but in exchange, they'll get the best seats to watch the game. Sounds like a sweet deal right? Well, not if Papa Louie has something to say about it.

Papa's Hot Doggeria

Taylor and Peggy are the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2012. You will be able to choose between the two characters at the start of the game. You may also create a custom worker if you wish to use a personalized avatar. Anyway, the story starts with one of the characters in line for baseball tickets. Unfortunately, it runs out just before his/her turn (take note, Papa Louie is the ticket man). He/she then spots an ad for the Hot Doggeria promising the best seats in the stadium.

Excited at the prospect, the character comes back the next day and receives the keys to the shop. As a new employee, he/she enters the Hot Doggeria, prepares some popcorn and uses binoculars to watch the game. Just as Pinch Hitwell is about to hit a homerun, a customer blocks the view. And just like that, your life as Papa Louie's busy employee has begun.

Not much has changed in terms of the general mechanics of Papa's Hot Doggeria. Just like other Gamerias, you will have different Stations to switch between while e managing the store. As its name implies, the Order station is where details of a customer's order are written on a ticket. The Grill station is where you cook the customer's preferred type of meat. After that is grilled to perfection, it will be time to spread toppings and complement it with some sauce in the Build Station. Finally, the Pop Station is where popcorn and drinks are added to complete your customer's order.

If you want your patrons to leave the hot dog stand smiling, you'll have to pay attention to detail. Accuracy counts when choosing sausage types and popcorn flavors while Dexterity helps keep garnish neatly inside the bun. There are many possible hot dog variants so keep an eye on that order ticket. The games delightful mechanics and glossy graphics remind me of older downloadable games such as Turbo Subs and Cake Mania.

There are five types of sausages: Hot Dog, Italian Sausage, Kielbasa,Veggie Dog and Cheddarwurst. They are matched with one of the following Buns: Regular Bun, Chicago Bun, Hoagie Bun, Pretzel Bun or the Pumpernickel Bun. Then you'll have to add one or more of the fourteen types of toppings (like Pickles, Salsa or Tomato Wedges) and whichever sauce was specified (ex. Wild Onion Sauce, Mustard). Sounds complicated? Don't panic. Ingredients are unlocked gradually so you'll have ample time to adjust.

Mini games are a great motivator in this immersive time management title. Acing your hot dog building skills will not only win customers over, they also give you the chance to play Customer Cravings or Strike Out! There are seven all in all, each with their own mechanics and unique theme. Playing these in between game days don't only give a much appreciated break in the routine, they also give you a chance to earn rewards. Some rare decorations can only be earned by playing these addictive mini games.

We're fans of Hot Doggeria's graphics, simply because it is superb eye candy. The colors are striking, with bright-colored fizzy soft drinks, popcorn that lends a sense of whimsy and, of course, some delicious looking hot dogs. Not only is the signature Gameria look perfect for depicting mouthwatering sandwiches, small details like the coarse surface of the Pumpernickel Bun or seeds on the Tomato Wedges also make a huge visual impact.

Papa's Hot Doggeria

With its clever mechanics, Papa's Hot Doggeria is a home run in terms of fun and replayability. As busy as you are satisfying the hot dog cravings of your customers, service days go by like a blur. Even when you've unlocked all of the ranks, you may want to start a new save and play it from the top just to do things differently. Subtle details, such as the gradient shading of the onions, really makes the graphics pop and the overall delivery is anything but boring.

Are you looking for a worthwhile time management game? If so, you should check out Papa's Hot Doggeria. It doesn't matter whether you like hotdogs or not as there are a plethora of things to do. Even more so if you enjoyed any of the other titles in the Gameria series. Improvements such as new mini games and a revised furniture scoring system keep the game, and the challenge, fresh. This hot dog edition of Papa games by Flipline is suitable for young players as well, though grown-ups may need to explain the technical side of its game play.