Monkey Go Happy 5 - Alternative puzzle-solving action with sobbing monkeys in need of cheering up

Adorable Encounters of the Alternative Kind

The Monkey Go Happy series of games have long brought the world some entertainment of the alternative kind, with several titles to its name, each based on the unusual premise of solving a series of random, unrelated puzzles in order to cheer up a monkey that always looks as if he is about to break into tears. We haven't ever been told why the monkey is sad, but the whole fun of the game is that we must just accept that he is and solve the puzzles in order to cheer him up. Monkey Go Happy 5 is the latest in this bizarre series of puzzle games that are as loveable as they are confusing, and as silly as they are entertaining. The games have progressed through the series and Monkey Go Happy 5 is a product of this progression, being in the same cute format but with a completely new set of puzzles to challenge us.

Monkey Go Happy 5


In terms of the gameplay, there isn't too much to cover aside from the fact that it is a puzzle game that is played in a point-and-click fashion where you simply have to run your mouse over different objects on the screen and click to interact with them. You must explore the items and features available to you on the screen and use your skills of deduction and even some mild logic in order to figure out exactly what you must do. At the start of the puzzle, you begin with a high quantity of points which count rapidly down towards zero; the quantity of points remaining when you finally solve the puzzle is the total you will receive for that round, so it pays employ a little haste and vigour when solving these little head-scratchers.


The puzzles aren't really the classical type of conundrum that you may be expecting, but rather consist of fairly random events, such as helping a man that has dropped his keys down a drain outside a magnet store by raiding the store and acquiring various items from the surroundings in order to retrieve the keys and allow the man to drive off. The puzzles in the game only get more random from here, which really is half the fun; the other half is seeing the monkey's face turn from almost-sobbing to ecstatic with joy every time you solve a puzzle.

Short but Loveably Sweet

The game is relatively short, standing it just 15 levels and an extra bonus to keep you busy for just a little while longer. You shouldn't be expecting any mind-bending challenges of advanced logic and reasoning, either, since the game really is more of a light-hearted affair that is only slightly more challenging than say a colouring book or reading a children's short story. Instead, you should take joy from the quirky animation, the cartoonish surroundings, and also the fact that you can dress your monkey up in different hats, as well as choose between a young male or female monkey, an elderly ape, a smaller monkey, and finally a baby monkey before you play the game. Your choice of monkey doesn't really have an impact on the gameplay, it just allows you to decide which one you are going to be cheering up as it sits in the foreground of the action while you solve the puzzles behind it.

Monkey Go Happy 5

Fondness for Silliness

Monkey Go Happy 5 is nothing more than a mildly-silly and heart-burstingly cute exercise in mild eccentricity and light problem solving, but the reason the series has so many titles to its name is the fact that they are just the right balance of simplicity, silliness, and quirky design. Solving the puzzles isn't going to get you on the short list for Mensa (unless they have dramatically changed their criteria for becoming a member), but it is going to make the life of your tiny little monkey a lot happier. Give it a go; if it doesn't melt your heart, you may very well not even have one.