Deluxe Pool

Whether it's in a public house with your friends or playing in a tense tournament against players of extreme talent and unbeatable class, playing pool is a pastime and sport that while not universal, is a extremely popular in a large number of countries.

The game of pool can function as a social activity or competitive sport, and also makes flash games like Deluxe Pool an extremely popular choice for switching on at lunchtime and hammering out a few frames before getting back to work. Pool games are enjoyable because on the most part they are easy to pick up and very fun to play.

Deluxe Pool

Deluxe Pool has these properties and also benefits from some very true-to-life sounds and realistic ball physics that other pool games don't have, making it a superior game in many respects to most other pool simulators out there.

Deluxe Pool isn't one of those quick-fire pool games that involves rapid potting and minigame-like challenges as in Power Pool, but is instead a simulation of the game and is very loyal to the 9-ball format. The game is played from a birds-eye perspective and simply requires you to pot the balls in numerical order from one to nine. Each match is played against yourself since there is no AI to battle against, though there is a local two-player function that allows you to pass the game between you and a friend should you wish to play it that way.

The cueing interface is controlled with the mouse. You use the mouse to aim the shot by moving the cue in the appropriate direction and you control the power of the shot by pulling back the cue to a desired distance. An advantageous feature that this game possesses is that you can also control the spin and the swerve of the cue ball by clicking and dragging the striking location on the indicator cue ball at the top of the screen.

Having this much control over the ball is a feature that some cue games don't have, which puts this game immediately above them in terms of shot versatility. The game also visually indicates the angles involves in the shot with some geometric overlays that show you the potential trajectory of the cue ball and the object ball, with the indicators changing to fit the new cue position when you move it. The game also highlights the ball that you must pot next, just in case those that are hard of seeing cannot discern the different numbers on each of the balls.

Deluxe Pool is the ideal pool simulator for those wishing to have a casual game of pool against themselves or perhaps a friend, it certainly doesn't match up to Miniclip's 8 Ball pool but it's not so bad you wouldn't have a few goes. There aren't any side games or mini games, which some people may find disappointing, but this free to play pool game is intended to be a pure pool game that allows you to practice and refine your judgement of the angles and spin on each shot. The sound effects and physics that control the movement of the balls around the table are quite remarkable and extremely realistic, making Deluxe Pool one of the best pool games out there.